Do You Care About What You Share?

I sit on the fence about social media. Sure, there are a lot of positive things about it (ie: sharing those photos of your adorable baby with his/her grandparents in real time or being able to communicate with loved ones who live far away practically free). Social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook definitely satisfy the need for instant gratification.  I suppose that’s just human nature.  But there are also some major downfalls.

Some people spend WAY too much time on their computers, smartphones, tablets, enter whatever device you use here. So much so, that they neglect the people sitting right in front of them. I don’t know about you, but I think face-to-face communication and real human interaction seem to be becoming a lost art.  Don’t get me wrong,  I feel pretty special reading all those “Happy Birthday” messages on my Facebook wall every January 7th… until I realize that’s when the action ends. The only people who actually call me on my birthday are mother and my in-laws (who, not coincidentally,  do not have Facebook).  It’s just not the same. Some days, I miss seeing my friends in person and actually talking to people on the phone.

I must admit I am guilty of wasting away plenty of time that could have been better spent doing some Facebook creeping myself. I LOVE to look at people’s photos. I don’t care who they are. It’s interesting to me to see the world through another person’s  eyes. I enjoy being able to share what I am doing with friends and family. The nosy side of me likes to know what everyone else is doing, too, to a certain point. There are some things I don’t want or need to know. There are things people post, without thinking twice it seems,  that totally shock me. For example:

1. Advertising you are not home. I can understand being excited about a concert, vacation, whatever and just itching to share that excitement with the world… but you are also sharing an opportunity for people to break into your house. Seriously.  You might as well just put a sign on your front lawn that says, “Hey, we’re in Florida for 2 whole weeks! Take whatever you want! Tell your friends!”

2. Not being careful about photos! Sharing pictures from your “smart”phone. Your phone is smart, all right. So smart that it embeds the location where your photo is shot in the digital file.  Most cameras do this, too. It’s not very likely that someone will access the data, but you can disable the GPS feature if you are taking pictures to be safe. Also, it’s not very smart to post embarrassing photos of yourself, your friends or your family members. Not only will it %$#&  people off, it could prevent you from getting a job!

3. Posting pictures you took of yourself looking “sexy” in front of your bathroom mirror. THIS ONE DRIVES ME INSANE! Especially when it’s young girls! You know the pictures I’m talking about. Little Suzie Whoever dressed (or undressed) like a prostitute, donning enough hair product and make-up to scare of a pack of wild drag queens, posing provocatively and making a kissy face or “sexy” smirk. BAHHHHHH!!!!!! WHY!?!  Girls, you look ridiculous and desperate for attention  NOT sexy. At all. Except to perverts.

Those are just a few (in a list of many) rants I could share. I would love to know what other moms think! What are your thoughts on social media sharing? What drives you crazy? Are you careful or carefree about what you share with the world?