The Hunt For Carson’s Tiger

When I had my son, a friend gave him a super cute stuffed tiger as a gift. That tiger just so happens to be his favourite thing in the entire world. It’s his comfort item… the one thing, aside from his mommy, that makes him feel safe and secure especially at nap/bedtime. We have been trying desperately to find another one of these tigers to be a back up because if (or when!) this thing goes missing or gets destroyed it will be a MAJOR crisis to my sweet baby boy. We have checked countless stores and scoured Google Images for hours upon hours trying to find a match.  So far we have had no luck 🙁 So, I am begging you to look at this picture and share it with yours friends and family, too. SOMEONE, somewhere might just know where we can find one. Please help in the hunt for Carson’s tiger… it will only take a second of your time.

If you know where I can find another tiger like this one, please PLEASE please email me at

Thank you!