The Most Comfortable Maternity Pants Ever

I think most of us mamas can agree that maternity pants can can be really hit or miss in both the comfort and style department.

In my experience, most are pretty comfy but it’s hard finding the right fit for my body. I have big hips and I don’t like the feel of anything bellow my tummy so I find the full panel most comfortable but they don’t stay up all that well until I have a pretty significant baby bump. All maternity jeans give me “dumpy bum” as one friend calls it. Even when I went through my big gym phase and lost weight, most pants and jeans just didn’t fit comfortably around my waist.  They just don’t feel the same. My body is different now. I am the first one to admit that since I had my first baby, I have rarely worn anything but stretchy yoga/workout pants!  So, obviously, I have been on the hunt for maternity versions! I was having a hard time finding a decent maternity yoga pant that wasn’t a “roll over” waist. UNTIL NOW. Low and behold, Old Navy suddenly had a maternity version of my very favourite workout pants! WOOO HHOOOOOO! I was all over that business (when they released one of their usual 30% off weekend promo codes, of course).

The are called Maternity Active Compression Pants by Old Navy. There is just enough spandex that the full panel stays up even though I am only 20 weeks and it eliminates any bum/thigh dimpling.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE PANTS.

OMG. They are so fantastic, I just had to share.