And then… There Were Two!

Hello everyone! babylibby

Just wanted to update on why things have been so quiet here on the blog and on our Facebook page lately!

For those of you who don’t already know, 2 weeks ago we welcomed a beautiful baby girl to the family 🙂

She is an absolute delight!  This is baby #2 for us and, I must admit, the first few days home were a much bigger adjustment for our 23 month old son than I was expecting! It was an adjustment for all of us. Slowly, but surely, we are getting the hang of things and settling into a new routine. There is still room for improvement but we are getting there!

Today, I tried to go to the grocery store with both kids by myself. It took me about 3 hours to get out the door with my newborn pooping machine and  rambunctious toddler. Pure craziness! When we got to the store, there were some new things to figure out. For example, where does one put the groceries when shopping with two small children??? We played a little game of “shopping cart hokey pokey”… The car seat came out of the cart and clipped onto the seat. Toddler came out of the seat and into the cart. As you can imagine, this was a BIG hit with the toddler, who could then stand up in the cart, grab at – and reach – loads of random things to fill his new seat with. He sure did have me scrambling all about. No wonder the baby weight is coming off so much faster this time around… haha!

So, I have to ask you moms of 2 or more little ones: How did you stay organized in the beginning? Tips on getting out of the house in a timely fashion? Do you keep a checklist to help you stay on top of household tasks?