Busy Mommy. Bad Blogger.

Hello out there! Anyone still reading this?

It’s been a loooooonnnggggggg time. I know, I am a horrible blogger. Ever since I had my second baby last August, I have had an awful time making my way online and keeping this website up to date.  It really makes me feels like I am missing something somewhere (like an extra 5 hours in my day). I see posts from a bajillion fantastic sites by other mommies across the good ‘ole WWW packed with an endless array of amazing crafts, themed bento boxes, recipes, party planning, potty training rewards chart templates, etc. and I honestly wonder how they do it. Where do they find the time? How do they manage to balance  cooking, cleaning, kids, husbands, family, friends, fitness, work, grocery shopping, and so on and STILL carve out the time to make leakproof water blobs for every kid in the neighbourhood ????? HOW???

I have had several reports that my “Contact”  emails are not reaching me. Today, I even discovered that the Activities Calendar had totally disappeared! Yikes. I have been negligent. I am going to fix it all. I am going to make a comeback. If you notice anything that needs fixing, any info that needs updating, etc. PLEASE email me christie@sarniamomsource.com and I will get on it straight away!

If any of you Sarnia and Area mamas have some free time and are interested in contributing to this site in any way  – IE: adding events to the activities calendar, DIY craft tutorial, blogging about local happenings, etc., don’t be shy! I would love to have you on board.

Take care,