Cute Halloween Crafts For Preschoolers

Halloween is only 11 days away! Eeekkk! Now that I have little ones it has become one of my favourite holidays. With cooler weather in the forecast, what better way to kill some time indoors than with making fun crafts with the kiddos to get them in the spirit (after all, it’s not just about the candy!)? I scoured the web and Pinterest to find a few cute ones that are perfect for preschoolers! Enjoy!

1. Art projects using hand and footprints. Super cute and easy!

Halloween art projects

2. Halloween potato stamping. These are great for decorating treat bags and making cut outs for garland, too!


3. DIY Trick or Treat bags. There is so much you can do with this one, all with inexpensive supplies from the dollar store

(or if you are like me and have a hundred reusable shopping bags laying around you can upcycle!) . Think glue and glitter, fabric markers, paint,

whatever suits your fancy!


4. Thumbprint pumpkin patch… cute and simple!

5. Candy Corn Monster. While it is my personal opinion that candy corn is one of the most

disgusting foods on the planet, it is nice and colourful and perfect for gluing to stuff!