An Open Letter to Polaroid

Dear Polaroid,

I am writing this open letter because I want to let you – and the rest of the world –  know how just how highly I regard one of your products.

Every year, my family takes a vacation to Florida. It is a 3 day drive for us, which for small children (who are currently ages 3 and 1, respectfully) trapped in car seats pretty well feels like an eternity! Last year, some very kind relatives gave us one of your old portable DVD players. No one in their home was getting any use out of it so they thought it might help entertain our son when times got tough in Carseatville. They were right! If I were a religious woman, I would have thought that thing came straight from heaven and was a gift from God himself at times.

In between vacations, our little Polaroid DVD player has become a kind of commonplace at our kitchen table. It keeps the kids happy while I am trying to cook, do dishes, etc.. I am not above using the Bubble Guppies so I can get *&#$ done sometimes. I always thought I was but it turns out I am not. It is cheaper than hiring a bodyguard for the little one.

I honestly can’t believe how durable this DVD player is. I am fairly certain it is made out of ordinary plastic but you’d never know it based on the countless flights it has taken from our pub height table, only to crash onto the ceramic tile floor with a vengeance. Each time we think it’s game over. Each time it remains totally unscathed. There is not a crack, chip, dent, or scratch on it (though, there are loads of grubby little fingerprints and an occasional bizarre layer of residue that usually wipes off easily with a vinegar/water cleaning solution). You would never imagine it’s endured any sort of abuse. It’s freakin’ amazing! The only thing it doesn’t do is play hamburgers. Or yogurt. But not for a lack of trying on my daughter’s part. It could have the grubbiest looking disc you’ve ever seen in your life stuck in there and it will still play. It totally blows my mind.

So, thank you  for making a portable DVD player that can take a real beating. If you ever start manufacturing DVD players again, I would be willing to offer my kiddos services as beta testers. Also, I would definitely buy one and recommend them to everyone I know.


Christie Harris, Full Time Mommy

Polaroid dvd player

Libby vs. the Polaroid DVD player.