Happy New Year!

Hello friends! Happy 2nd day of 2015!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season! If it was anything like mine, it was super busy – queue the radio silence in blogville – but absolutely wonderful. What’s not to love about Christmas carols, beautiful lights, delicious food (Mmmm Mmm pumpkin pie!) and spending time with friends and family? Christmas was awesome.2014 was awesome. There was a lot to see and do with the kiddos around the city and we are already looking forward to some of next year’s events (Bluewater Health’s Winter Wonderland at DeGroots, for one! My kids could ride that train all day)! However, all good things must come to and end and each year much start anew. Resolution time. I don’t know about you guys but  I have a laundry list of resolutions this year which I have decided to share on here in an effort to make myself more accountable. So here are the main ones, in no particular order:

I resolve to:

1) Post at least one thing on this site EVERY SINGLE DAY starting January 2nd (haha).

2) Become the master of my digital world. We have thousands of family pictures and videos, etc. scattered on a variety of devices throughout the house. I have never even seen most of them! The pictures get taken, uploaded, forgotten. I am going to take control this year. I am going to gather them all to one device, go through them all, print. Be the boss. If anyone has any tips of doing this, I would LOVE them.

3) Go through all of my kitchen cupboards, closets, basement storage areas and REORGANIZE. Purge. Be free.

4) Continue on my journey to live a healthy and active lifestyle so that I be a good role model for my kids. I want to lead by example. I would like to lose some more weight (down 60lbs so far!) but am more focused on how I feel than the numbers on the scale.

5) Spend more time with friends and family.

6) To find a better balance/disconnect from social media. I am going to call instead of text. Have real conversations, see people out in the real world and make eye contact with them (GASP!), deliver actual birthday cards instead of just lame Facebook well wishes, that sort of thing.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

That’s all for now… time to conquer Folding Mount Laundry while the wee ones sleep. Goodnight!