New Tot Dance Class @ Fitness Farm Mooretown

476190_367882049996708_1637384021_oFitness Farm is offering Tot’s Dance Classes by Lacy again! The session before Christmas was a great success. The kids loved it!  It is not super structured like some of the dance classes you can do in Sarnia but we felt kids at that age (3-6) don’t need a super structured class. They can have fun dancing and be able to make up their own moves. Lacy will do action songs like Head and Shoulders as well as some dances with her own choreography. She also teaches them to express themselves and do their own dance moves. It is a great way to introduce dance, have fun, and get active with other 3 -6 year olds!


Classes are 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm either Tuesdays or Thursdays. The class will focus on action songs like Head and Shoulders, the Hokey Pokey etc. as well as have a mixture of basic choreography by Lacy.

The next session will start the week of January 12th and run for 8 weeks . The session costs $60. For more information or to contact Lacy please go to Facebook and join the group Tot’s Dance at the Fitness Farm in Mooretown or leave a message Calla Nicol.