Fun Lunches for Kids!

I am obsessed with pictures of bento box style lunches. I could honestly look at them all day long. The creativity of some parents is mind blowing. My kids aren’t even in school yet and I am scouring the internet for ideas on how I can make them healthy lunches that will blow their socks off because, let’s face it, when food looks amazing it’s way more appealing to eat. Even though I have no idea where I will find the time to do it, I am burning inside to make homemade fruit roll ups, bunny shaped cheese, and tiny sandwiches cut into dump trucks. I am also obsessed with looking at lunch box supplies like silicone muffin cups, plastic containers, cookie cutters and such.

This is a great post for ideas from

It’s weird how much I love this stuff.

Awhile back, I got fired up to make my son something “cool” for lunch so I tried to use a cookie cutter to make his sandwich into a circle with scalloped edges. When he refused to eat it, I actually almost cried… haha. But I was happy when I bought a real sandwich cutter at Superstore that makes little dinosaurs and it was very well received! Lately, this same child of mine has been going through a bit of a fussy phase (he was always a good eater… but I knew this would happen eventually :() not wanting to eat anything but junk food, spaghetti, apples, and pancakes. It’s maddening. So, I have decided that maybe I don’t need to wait until the kids go to school to fancy things up. I am pretty certain it will help get us through the picky eating days. I have been searching for good ideas and wanted to share some of my favourites in case some of you are also in the market for some mealtime inspiration:

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2) Lunch Made Easy: 20 Non-Sandwich School Lunch Ideas for Kids!

3) A Week of Lunchbox Ideas:

4) Bento Lunch Ideas Week 1

5) Yumbox – Simple Bento Ideas #Bentobabies

If any of you have any other ideas or favourite sites for inspiration, please share by leaving a comment below!