Post Vacation Greetings!

So…. it has taken me almost a week to get this post written! I have had zero time to get online and when I was able, I was promptly interrupted by one thing or another. You know, life. It has it’s way with all of us every now and again.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was going offline to spend some quality time with my lovely little family. It was vacation time! Every year we drive to Florida and spend a few weeks in the sunshine and visit my in laws who are budding snowbirds. Despite this year’s cooler weather, we had an awesome time! We were super busy and the kids had a blast visiting the attractions (except the Peter Pan ride at Magic Kingdom, which I am pretty sure is the worst thing that ever happened to my daughter). It looks like we even brought some of the warm weather home from Florida with us. Yay Spring!

Since we’ve been home, it’s been nice to see friends and to be able to get outside and visit our beautiful Canatara park for walks again. I am so excited for family activities around the city to start happening again. We checked out the first Scottish Festival this morning! Not quite what I was expecting but the little guy had a great time playing the games and I really enjoyed watching the dancers.  A great start to Spring in Sarnia!

That being said, March Break is on like Donkey Kong. While I was hoping to have it posted long ago, I am currently working on a list of what’s going on for the week as well adding to the March Break Kids Eat Free promotions to my Kids Eat Free in Sarnia page. After that, look forward to what’s going on for Easter. I LOVE EASTER!