South London Children’s After Hours Clinic

Sarnia Emerg Wait Times = Forget About It.

Anyone close to my family knows we don’t get sick very often. My husband has been sick maybe twice in the nearly 9 years we’ve been together. I can count on one hand how many times both of my children have ever been sick. That being said, we ALL fell victim to the latest nasty bug that’s been floating around the city. It started with the hubby. Flulike. Super sore throat. It got so painful for him at one point, we went to emerg. It was a  weekend evening and it was PACKED.  We took one look in the door and then ran back to the car like a deathly plague was chasing us just one step behind. My kids got sick the following week. Common cold-like symptoms. No big deal in the beginning but then it got worse. I called out family doctor and was informed they were booking about 3 weeks ahead. Couldn’t fit us in, not a chance. I was told to take them to Sarnia or Petrolia emerg. Personally, I don’t care to clog up the emergency room unless I am actually having an EMERGENCY! Plus, the wait times I had heard people talking about at the time are averaging about 5-6 hours. I can’t imagine any greater personal hell than sitting that germ factory for 5+ hours with a 1 and a 3 year old running around touching stuff. No, thank you.

And now to the point of this post:

There is a NEW after hours pediatric clinic that has just opened in London (one of the pediatricians, Dr. Maria Sottosanti is from Sarnia! ) and there is a very good chance that even with the hour drive, your kid would be see faster than there at the Sarnia emergency room. And it is open HOLIDAYS! I just wanted to share for anyone who may be interested.

South London Children's After Hours Grand Opening