Do You Have a Child Between Ages 6-12? Participate in This Online Study to Earn a $5 Starbucks, Chapters, Best Buy, or Gift Card!

Recently, I received an email from a Doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at the University of Windsor named Jennifer who is looking for parents to fill out an online survey that is part of her Doctoral Dissertation project. Let’s help her out (you even earn a $5 GC for participating!)! 

“Hello Everyone! My name is Jennifer Scammell, and I am a Ph.D student at the University of Windsor. I am looking for parents of children ages 6 to 12 to participate in an online study exploring parents’ emotional skills and attitudes, reactions to their children’s emotions, and children’s emotion and social skills. Interested in participating? Email me at and I will send you a special link to the study. For participating, you will receive a $5 gift certificate to a chosen retailer (choices are Starbucks, Chapters, Best Buy, or All information will be kept secure and confidential, and this study has received clearance from the University of Windsor Research Ethics Board. (Also, you are welcome to pass along this information to others you know who may be interested).”

Recruitment Flyer-rev