Mommy & Baby Yoga

1) Deep Roots Yoga and Therapeutics

Join Leslie Pullen, Registered Yoga Teacher and mom, in Mommy & Baby Yoga to relax, restore and rebuild your body (without a babysitter!) all while making your baby relax, roll over, smile and maybe even giggle! A special focus on releasing tight muscles associated with being a new mother is featured in each class. Please look through the attachment below to find out the times, dates, locations and fees for each session. Session run on a continual basis, giving young mothers the choice to take the class with their babies from 7 weeks to approx 9 months. A sense of community is one of the lovely features of the class, especially as you see all the babies grow up right in front of your eyes! Please contact to direct your questions and/or sign up for a session or drop-in for a class. No Yoga experience necessary to enjoy the benefits of Mommy & Baby Yoga.