Welcome to Sarnia Mom Source!

Hello Mommies!

My name is Christie and I am a new mom to Carson, a beautiful baby boy born in September of 2011. We live in the lovely (and highly under-appreciated) city of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

During my pregnancy, I found myself doing a lot of online searching for prenatal support, activities, programs, and the like. After having my son, I continued this search and found myself with too much of my precious time wasted surfing the internet and a lot of unanswered questions! Aren’t there any play groups in the area? How can I meet other moms? Why didn’t anyone tell me that a baby’s age and corresponding clothing size are not going to be equal? The list is endless.

What I’ve found is that, though there are tons of fantastic baby info websites out there, our local options are seriously lacking. Most of the programs available are unadvertised or so poorly advertised that a lot of moms don’t even know about them. There isn’t really ONE good, solid resource for moms in Sarnia to find support, activity information, kid friendly events, etc.. That is how the idea for the Sarnia Mom Source was born.

It is my goal to to create a one-stop online shop for moms in OUR community. I am looking forward to joining together a network of moms to share the best our city has to offer to our children and to provide support to one another. Site features to come include a discussion forum, local classifieds, and a printable monthly community event calendar.

Are you crafty and creative? Have a green thumb? A photographer willing to share a few tips and techniques for capturing photos of kids? A fitness fanatic wanting to run a Stroller Fit program in one of our fine parks? If you have a little extra time and are interested in becoming a contributor to Sarnia Mom Source, please email christie@sarniamomsource with your ideas.

Note: This site is under construction. Please check back soon!