I Heart Long Weekends

And so another week has flown by and here I am on a BEAUTIFUL Victoria Day wondering where it all went! To be honest, everyday is kind of like a long weekend for me. The only real difference is that there are way more people to hang out with and more activities to enjoy when it’s a calendar holiday, too. I am proud to share that I have been working hard on my garden (more on that another day)!

Saturday afternoon, Carson (who turned 8 months old that day!) and I had a fun time visiting my sister and brother-in-law at their summer trailer out near Forest. Carson had a blast playing with his three pug cousins. He thinks they are hilarious and I don’t blame him. Can you imagine not having any real concept of what a dog or an alien or a dog that looks like an alien is and having THREE of those weird looking things all up in your face? There are only two ways it can go: scary or funny. Thank goodness he got my sense of humour 😉 Later, he went on his very first tractor-pulled wagon ride around the campground!

In fact, it was a big weekend of firsts for my little guy! In addition to the wagon ride, his first tooth started cutting (an exciting first but boy am I going to miss that adorable gummer smile *sad face*), and he slept his first night with his crib lowered down.  It broke my heart to do it. He’s become a master at sitting up on his own and can pull himself to a standing position, though, so we would rather be safe than sorry. I worried he would be scared or confused but it didn’t seem to phase him. Yay Carson! Such a big boy now.

We had a wonderful weekend and I hope you did, too!

P.S. Did anyone catch the solar eclipse?