What’s Going On in Sarnia This Weekend

Hey everyone!

It’s been a little while since I last posted! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter last weekend.

We had an awesome weekend except for one little thing! We went to Easter in the Park at Canatara for the first time. That was a bit of a gong show! We got there just in the nick of time for the egg hunt. We parked by the beach and walked through the trail that lets out right in front of the playground where the egg hunt is. Prime real estate, I thought! Wrong. The whistle blew and a stampede of greedy egg grabbers descended upon the us! My mind was TOTALLY blown by how many adults were stealing eggs right out from the hands of toddlers and throwing them in the baskets of their teenagers! People literally took eggs out from under their little hands! I could not believe it. My baby girl got one egg. The little guy was crying because he did not get an egg nor did most of the under4 crowd around us. It really sucked. The cadets did start coming out with more eggs eventually… but try to explain to a 3 year old that there is a round two. Whoever is in charge of that event needs to clearly advertise that you only get ONE TREAT regardless of how many eggs you hand in so people aren’t so ridiculous. There should also be an age limit. And parents should not be allowed to help unless the kids are under five. Just sayin’. I would like to say that there was a boy, probably about 8 or 9,  alone in line in front of us to trade in the eggs for a treat who saw that my son did not have an egg and kindly gave up one of his one. Thank you whoever you are – you made my little guy so happy! Other than my beef with the egg hunt, Easter in the Park was amazing. The kids especially loved the train rides, baby goats and Easter crafts! The rest of the weekend included painting Easter eggs, a yummy dinner at my mom’s house, and our annual Easter egg hunt with all of our favourite friends (my very favourite play date of the whole year!!!), Sadly, the rest of the week has not been so great. My hubby has had a bout of the flu, my sweet  daughter has been abducted by the teething monster (all 4 incisors and 2nd molars all at once – YIKES!), and my son is 3.5 (that sums that up). Boo.

The birthday directory is taking shape and I am thinking about rolling it out as I finish each category so that people can start taking advantage of it! Thoughts?

Sarnia Mom Source will be teaming with Great Pretenders to host a FREE educational information session about the benefits of pretend play next month- more details to follow!

Please check out the Activities Calendar to see what’s going on in Sarnia this weekend!